KuCoin Review

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KuCoin Review

KuCoin is Crushing It
Considering KuCoin didn't even exist 6 months ago, it's amazing how far they've come so fast. Much like Binance, KuCoin runs regular promotions for new coin listings and giveaways to grow their user base and it's working. Today, they're one of the top 20 exchanges by 24-hour volume. The user experience could be improved, but overall buying and selling was straight-forward. Since users can only buy and sell in crypto, KuCoin might not be right for every Bitcoin Noob but I'm impressed with how much the experienced KuCoin team has accomplished so far.
User Experience9.1
Payment & Fees9.5
Beginner Friendly9.4
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200+ Trading Pairs
Excellent Liquidity
Frequent Promotions
Sparse Documentation
Few Details About Security
out of ten
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KuCoin Review - About

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Description: We are an international blockchain asset exchange

Website: https://www.kucoin.com

24-hour trade volume: $100 M

Availability: Worldwide

User Experience


The overall design of the exchange feels modern and is easy to use. However, some of the submenus are buried on individual pages, which can make finding what you’re looking for a little difficult. It did take some time to get used to where things are located.


Yes – I’d say the overall design is very beginner friendly. Especially since getting started with KuCoin does not require any KYC identity verification, it’s a great option for beginners who already hold crypto.


Although there’s lots of documentation, I didn’t find the actual content very helpful. Many pages that should exist did not. I couldn’t very any information regarding security measures or insurance. There was some information within their terms of use, but not much outside of that. KuCoin documentation could be greatly improved.

Customer Support



Verification Tiers

Basic – Requires email verification only

Advanced – Requires KYC identity verification. I could not find any documentation explaining why someone would need to get advanced verification or what sort of additional trading amounts it might enable.

2-Factor Authentication

Yes – via Google Authenticator




KuCoin mentions in their Terms of Use that the company is PCI compliant, but there was no additional information regarding storage and security. They also mention encryption of secure information but not the level of encryption.



Fees & Payment

Fee Structure



Accepted Payment Methods

Crypto-Crypto Only

Supported Currencies

  • KCS
  • BTC
  • USDT
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • NEO
  • HAT
  • GAS
  • KNC
  • BTM
  • QTUM
  • EOS
  • CVC
  • OMG
  • ZPT
  • EBTC
  • ING
  • HPB
  • CXO
  • TKY

  • PAY
  • SNT
  • BHC
  • HSR
  • WTC
  • VEN
  • MTH
  • RPX
  • REQ
  • EVX
  • MOD
  • NEBL
  • DGB
  • CAG
  • DNA
  • AGI
  • COFI
  • ARY
  • cV

  • CFD
  • RDN
  • UKG
  • BCPT
  • PPT
  • BCH
  • STX
  • NULS
  • GVT
  • HST
  • PURA
  • SUB
  • QSP
  • POWR
  • LEND
  • AMB
  • RHOC
  • R
  • DENT
  • DRGN
  • ACT
  • ENJ
  • CAT
  • DAT
  • CL
  • TEL




Excellent – I haven’t heard or witnessed any reports of reliability issues

Mobile App

Yes – Android & iPhone