1Broker Review

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1Broker Review

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Headquarters: Marshall Islands

Description: We Connect Bitcoin with Global Markets

Website: https://1broker.com

24-hour trade volume: ?

Availability: Worldwide





User Experience


Poor – Although the platform is fairly easy to navigate, it’s definitely not beginner friendly. Reminds me of Myspace in the early days. You can usually find what you’re looking for with a little clicking around but one of the worst user experiences I’ve tested.


No – Getting started took some figuring out. I wouldn’t recommend this platform to beginners.


Yes – the help center has a number of useful articles on a variety of topics.

Customer Support

Yes – Both chat and email support are offered


Verification Tiers

None – 1Broker only requires you to create an account and confirm your email address to start trading.

2-Factor Authentication

Yes – via Google Authenticator & SMStan


No – I didn’t find any information about insurance for funds on 1Broker. They did mention on their website how important security is to the company and that they’ve never experienced a hack.


95% of user funds stored in hardware & paper wallets. Only the owner of the company has access to these funds. Backups are geographically dispersed.


No – Other than SSL encryption I didn’t find any additional information.

Payment & Fees


There’s no fee to deposit funds with 1Broker.


1Broker charges a .001 BTC withdrawal fee.

Additional Fees

1Broker offers a unique service that allows you to copy the trades of the most successful traders automatically. This one feature alone has attracted a lot of attention. As a result of its popularity, you’ll pay 2% to enable this feature. I’m not sure how that 2% is calculated, but I’ll update this post as soon as I’m done testing it out.

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Accepted Payment Methods

1Broker is a crypto only platform. If you’d like to fund an account and begin trading, you’ll need to do so in Bitcoin.

Supported Cryptocurrencies / Trading Pairs

1Broker offers a variety of markets for trading including:






1Broker no longer supports cryptocurrency trading. All cryptocurrency trading will move to 1Fox launching in 2018.



In my short experience, reliability has not been an issue. Check out their uptime.

Mobile App

Yes – Android

1Broker Review 2018
1Broker Too Many
I first heard about 1Broker's copy trader feature and was super excited to test the platform. But after playing around with it for a few days, I've decided something just feels off about it. It's not just the "minimalist" interface but the entire platform feels suspicious. If you're looking to daytrade cryptocurrency Whaleclub or Coinigy are much safer bets.
User Experience5
Payment & Fees6.1
Beginner Friendly5.5
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Copy Traders
Minimalist Interface
Small Company
Very Limited Crypto Support
Out of Ten
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