Samsung unveiled this awesome Bitcoin mining rig made entirely out of Galaxy 8 Smartphones

Jared 3:28 am

Samsung unveiled this awesome Bitcoin mining rig made entirely out of Galaxy 8 Smartphones

Samsung’s developer conference 2017 delivered more than just an inside look at the new Gear VR this year. While Stan Lee and other keynote speakers stole the spotlight on the grand stage, Samsung quietly unveiled a tiny showstopper—this awesome bitcoin mining rig made entirely out of Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphones.


At just 2600 kilohashes per second, this uniquely mobile mining rig is more of a conversation starter than anything else. Long gone are the days when Bitcoin could be mined profitably from a desktop computer. But for comparison’s sake, Samsung showed that their Galaxy-powered mining rig was about 3x more efficient than an I7 2600 Desktop computer by kilohashes per watt.


The mining rig was on display with several other recycled smartphones as part of Samsung’s new Galaxy Upcycling program, which according to the company is, “An innovative platform for creative reuse with old Galaxy mobile devices.” In addition to Bitcoin mining, Samsung showed off several other creative projects including a smart fish tank monitor, a spooky owl doorbell, and a baby monitor.

Each of these projects was hand selected as part of a competition held at Samsung’s Creative Labs (dubbed ‘C-lab’). According to a press release, “C-Lab is an internal program that aims to cultivate innovative projects and business ideas.”

Although the bite-sized Bitcoin mining rig probably doesn’t represent a shift in crypto mining hardware, it does show several potential ways to upcycle those old smartphones with cracked screens. Samsung intends to release detailed plans for all of the projects on display at SDC 2017.

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