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"If you’ve never done it before, buying bitcoin can feel a lot like buying drugs. It usually goes down late at night when you’re bored. There’s always a friend of a friend involved who’s got the hookup. And even after you commit to it and cough up the money, you aren't really sure about what you're getting in return.”

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"The overall design of the exchange feels modern and is easy to use. However, some of the submenus are buried on individual pages, which can make finding what you're looking for a little difficult. It did take some time to get used to where things are located..”

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Headquarters London, UK Description Bitcoin exchange you can trust. Website 24-hour trade volume 24 Million dollars Availability 99% of Countries (see full list here) Here's what I love about the user experience.

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Poloniex Review

Headquarters: Wilmington, DE, USA Description: Trade on the world's most active digital asset exchange. Website: 24-hour trade volume: $614 M Availability: US, Canada, Japan, Europe Looking for the best bitcoin exchange in 2018? Check out our Best Bitcoin Exchange Guide to compare all of the top cryptocurrency exchanges side-by-side.

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Hitbit Review

Headquarters: Europe Description: The Most Advanced Bitcoin Exchange Website: 24-hour trade volume: $344 M Availability: Worldwide

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Bittrex Review

Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV, USA Description: The Next Generation Digital Currency Exchange Website: 24-hour trade volume: $704 M Availability: Worldwide