Metronome Doubles Down on Simplicity In Preparation for March ICO
By Jared McKinney
Updated February 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018

We wanted to share an important update with the Metronome community on the timing of our launch as well as some of our launch features.

For a number of technical and strategic reasons, we have adjusted the target launch date from early February to late February/early March. We are also committing to provide at least 10 days’ advance notice of the date of the launch.

Collaborative efforts like this are often a kind of highly technical performance art — and we have only one chance to get it right. The Metronome team is working hard to ensure that happens. The community that has emerged around Metronome has been incredibly supportive, so we wanted to post this update as soon as we finalized Metronome’s near-term direction.

Focus, Features & Functionality

Last November, we announced a number of new features that we wanted to explore for Metronome that, in part, convinced us to push out until February. We were very excited about these capabilities, especially the chance to be the first cryptocurrency to use the Deluge Network — a way to buy Metronome using bitcoin directly via a new BTC/ETH peg. As we further reviewed adding some of these features into Metronome, we realized that the complexities quickly ran counter to the goal of a simple, elegant and easy-to-use system. As a result, we have decided not to integrate with the Deluge Network.

Also, at launch, the Metronome community will have the ability to export their Metronome holdings from the Ethereum blockchain; we’ll be finalizing import functionality shortly after launch. Primarily, we want to doubly ensure that the proof-of-export receipt (or “Merkle receipt”) will be accepted in all blockchains to which the community might want to transfer their holdings. To review, we are currently focused on Bitcoin (by way of RSK), Ethereum Classic and Qtum and will announce import capability into those chains when available.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We’ve been putting a lot of time, energy and passion into creating a cryptocurrency that’s built-to-last, including multiple, rigorous audits. We currently have three external, independent code-auditors at work (with a fourth about to join the project), all marching towards the same goal: we want Metronome to be as clean and secure as we can make it for launch. As with any complex project, things evolve, and we felt it was critical to build in additional time to audit and pressure-test Metronome before releasing it to the world.

Preparation for Launch

Amid these changes, we’re committed to giving the Metronome community enough time to make informed decisions. Therefore, we’re committing to provide a minimum of 10 days advance notice before the Initial Supply Auction starts. The announcement will be made on our website, via email, and across all of our social channels.

In the meantime, we can preview the initial screenshots of the Metronome wallet, currently under development:

We have been honored and humbled by our growing community’s energy and interest in Metronome. This community — about 11,000 on Telegram and over 35,000 on our email list — continue to both inspire and challenge us to deliver on the Metronome vision. That vision is to build a foundational, enduring cryptocurrency for the world — one that’s anchored by strong self-governance, reliability, and portability. We will not compromise this vision and will be working tirelessly over the next several weeks to bring it to life.


Jeff Garzik,

Co-founder & CEO, Bloq

Matthew Roszak,

Co-founder & Chairman, Bloq

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