XPA Launches Digital Asset Ecosystem with XPA Exchange
By Jared McKinney
Updated March 29, 2018
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March 29, 2018

They say that cryptocurrency will change the world. The media, academics, financial forecasters and even, now, the average investor all see the potential of cryptocurrency to transform economies and democratize existing institutions. There’s only one problem: if cryptocurrency doesn’t change (and soon), that vision will never be a reality.

There’s one thing holding the cryptocurrency market back, and it’s uncertainty. The turbulence of the market has lead to frequent crashes as well as meteoric rises, with investors unsure whether any given asset will soar or plummet from day to day (or even hour to hour). Bad faith scam ICOs and pump and dump schemes worsen this problem, turning the cryptocurrency market into a speculator’s playground, not a tool for transforming the world.

If anything’s clear, it’s that the world needs to be transformed. The financial crash of 2008, proved to many that banks, governments and other large central institutions could not be solely trusted with the health of the economy. Satoshi Nakamoto’s original dream was that of a fully decentralized economic system, one that would give users and consumers power and control over their own assets, and prevent fraud with a permanent public record of every transaction.

With XPA Assets, XPA is making Satoshi Nakamoto’s original dream a reality. XPA Assets escape the turbulence of the market by linking their value to the fiat, meaning that they maintain enough stability for daily use. We’re beginning by launching fiat-linked currencies for several vital international markets (XPAUSD/XPACNY/XPAJPY/XPATWD/XPAHKD), with XPAUSD having equivalent value at a 1:1 ratio to the US Dollar, etc.

XPA Assets are generated via smart contract based on the amount of XPA or other major cryptocurrencies users mortgage, meaning that our fiat-pegged XPA Assets are backed by actual value and confirmed by the blockchain’s global consensus. Users can see the provenance of every XPA Asset right on the blockchain: that radical transparency means that XPA Assets are a fiat-pegged cryptocurrency that users can actually trust.

Though most users prefer to hold cryptocurrency because of their potential for increasing in value, there are also times where users need fiat assets on hand. To provide its users with increased access to liquidity and financial control, TideBit allows users to trade XPA Assets (XPAUSD/XPACNY/XPAJPY/XPATWD/XPAHKD) with their respective fiat currencies, building a bridge between traditional and digital assets.

Launching on March 28, XPA Exchange is the exclusive exchange for mortgaging XPA Assets. It’s a sleek, secure decentralized exchange, with no need for authentication or verification, a streamlined, user-friendly interface and support for all ERC20 tokens. Most importantly, the innovative financial mechanism that generates XPA Assets links the two worlds of cryptocurrency and the fiat, providing both the stability of fiat money and cryptocurrency’s innovation and potential for growth.

In 2018, the blockchain and digital currency have finally entered the mainstream investment world. Cryptocurrency is now finally accessible enough to those who require stability in their assets, without letting go of the growth and potential for change that drew people to it in the first place. With XPA Assets, we’ve created a true stablecoin: a cryptocurrency stable enough for the widespread adoption needed for cryptocurrency to finally fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and change the world.