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GDAX Review
Published May 5, 2020
Jared McKinney


San Francisco, CA, USA


The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange


24-hour trade volume

263 Million dollars


U.S., U.K., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Europe and more

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User Experience


GDAX packs a powerful feature set into a concise and well thought out platform. As I navigated it for the first time, it felt very familiar and I never felt lost or overwhelmed by the UI elements. I think it's a great compromise between professional functionality and novice simplicity. Several of the account settings are actually just links to Coinbase, which I didn't mind, but it throws you off to be redirected away from GDAX.


Yes - This is an excellent platform for beginners. Unlike many other exchanges GDAX makes it very easy to understand how to use some of the advanced trading features like the Stop Loss and Limit features. It's very easy to fund GDAX accounts since it syncs with your Coinbase wallets.

Pro Tip: You can avoid some of the Coinbase fees if you use GDAX to trade cryptocurrencies and then transfer the funds into your Coinbase wallet.


Yes - The GDAX support documentation was concise and easy to navigate. I was able to easily find answers to several questions. It doesn't look like they have too many articles, however, the content they do have is thorough and helpful.

Customer Support



Verification Tiers

Since GDAX is owned and operated by Coinbase, all Coinbase users automatically have an account with GDAX. The verification tiers are essentially the same, except that GDAX does offer higher limits for institutional traders.

Tier 1 - $10,000 weekly buy/sell limit

  • Requires a verified account, but doesn't require a government issued ID

Tier 2 - $15,000 weekly buy/sell limit

  • Requires upload of government issued ID

Tier 3 - TBD

Coinbase account limits are not well defined like other platforms but instead based on the perceived risk of each individual account. As such, your limits will likely differ from mine.

2-Factor Authentication

Yes — via Coinbase.


Yes — All digital currency that Coinbase holds online is insured. If you are a U.S.-based customer, your funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000. Less than 2% of customer funds are actually held online, just enough to cover regular transactions. The rest is held offline in cold storage.


98% of all funds are stored offline to protect against threat or loss. GDAX uses geographically distributed safety deposit boxes around the world to store sensitive customer data.


Yes — AES-256 Encryption (a.k.a. State of the art financial encryption)

Payment & Fees

Fee Structure

Trading Fees

GDAX primarily charges fees for trading and operates on a maker/taker fee model like almost every other exchange. Your fees are based primarily on your volume of trades.


Deposits & Withdrawals

ACH Deposit: Free

ACH Withdrawal: Free

SEPA Deposit: Free

SEPA Withdrawal: 0.15 Eur


GDAX Account & Holding Funds: Free

Accepted Payment Methods

Bank account, bank wire, Coinbase wallets, BTC address

Supported Currencies

BTC (Bitcoin)

LTC (Litecoin)

ETH (Ethereum)



99.8% uptime - Check out the GDAX status page.

Mobile App

No - However, the website was designed to work well on mobile devices. I didn't have any trouble getting the full platform functionality out of the mobile site on my smartphone.

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